The introduction of the Results panel at 3.2 means you may need to make some changes to your existing queries. We have provided a utility which you can run which will help you identify those queries which are affected by these changes. You must run this additional program to validate your JDBC query SELECT statements.

Step 28> Copy the QueryAnalyzer3.2.jar program to your c:\

Step 29> Open a Command window; click Start and Run.

Step 30> Enter cmd and press OK.

Step 31> Type the command:

java –jar QueryAnalyzer3.2.jar <path to your Dekho connection properties file>

The program will use your Dekho connections properties file to connect to your configuration database and validate your JDBC query SELECT statements. A text file report will be generated, alerting to any potential issues with the SELECT statements. The report will be generated in the same folder where you execute the above command from with the name prefix:




To fix the issues, review the relevant query type section in the Administration Guide documentation.