Redlines/Measure Panel

Redlining is a common way for map users to add content to a map without editing the underlying data. The many Redline and Measure settings in Dekho provide end users with excellent array of functionality that can be deployed globally to any Dekho Map. These Redline settings are also available to the end user from the Redline/Measure Panel in the Map Client.

The Administrator can switch on Display drawing tips to allow new users to feel at home with drawing features in Dekho.

Specify a Delete buffer tolerance (in pixels), this affects the way redlines are deleted. For example, if a user clicks within the specified tolerance value, the redline will be deleted.

Delete symbol is used to define the style of the polygon delete tool.

Buffer Settings controls the how Redlines appear when they are buffered.

Check Union results to stop the buffer redline results from producing an overlapping affect.

Set the Buffer distance and Buffer units; more than one distance can be set - use the syntax :


The Symbol style is used to set the buffer symbol.

On by default means all Dekho Maps will have Redline measurements turned on when the user starts the session.

Check on Dynamic Update to display the measurement as the redline is being drawn.

Include distance bearing can be included as part of the redline text.

Apply the Distance format to, segment by segment, a total summarised or both.

Text symbol

Use the Template Settings section to create or edit existing symbology for Redlining.

Click Modify to open the tool symbol builder to change an existing symbols characteristics.

Click Add to create a new template option and enter the new characteristics.

As series of other options enable the Administrator to edit the icon and tooltip for each redline button.





PLEASE NOTE: To store any updates to redlines symbology, click OK and then Save.




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