Remove the Dekho SOE

The Dekho SOE component can be removed by:

Step 01> Stop all ArcGIS Server Map Services

Step 02> Ensure the ArcGIS Server Object Manager Windows service is still running

Step 03> From the ‘Start’ menu run ‘Start->Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs’

Step 04> Select ‘Dekho Server Object Extension’ from the list and select ‘Remove’, follow the prompts to conclusion.

Step 05> Restart your ArcGIS Server map services

As the Dekho architecture at v3x no longer utilises the Dekho SOE component, when adding a map service to be utilised by Dekho, there is no longer a requirement to enable the ‘Dekho Capability’; any ArcGIS Server map service can be utilised by Dekho.

Upgrade your Dekho 2.x Configuration Database