Results panel

The existing selection and identify review panels have been merged into a new results panel at 3.2 this changes the way search, selection and identify results are displayed in the main UI. The following is a summary of changes to results display:

§ There is no longer a separate selection and identify review panel, results from these operations are displayed in a single results panel.

§ A user can change the state of the results panel to display either selection or identify results

§ The colour of the change state button aligns to map selection and identify results colours.

§ Data displayed in the results panel is managed via the results breadcrumb, which allows the user to navigate through layers, layer information queries and feature information queries

§ When single records are returned then these are displayed in a ‘property bag’ view rather than a table to aid review.

§ The List display type is no longer supported at version 3.2. Existing queries which have a list display type will be converted to table display type.

§ When looking at records at the layer information or feature information query level those records are linked back to records displayed on the map via the object id.

Diagnostics panel