Roles are used in Dekho to group users together and provide group access to individual Dekho Maps. Roles allow resources, like Maps, Tools and Queries to be assigned and made accessible to a distinct set of Users that may be assigned to Roles; like, work functions or departments.

Dekho provides two Role Types that distinguish between regular users and administrators – all of which are controlled from the Roles form. Users assigned to the ’Dekho users’ role are unable to login to the Administration Client.

The Roles form is used to create new and edit existing roles for ‘Dekho Roles’ and only view Roles for those using LDAP groups roles. If a user is associated with more than one role, then that user will have access to the combined resources of both roles.

Roles are administered using the Roles forms accessed via the Administration Client.

Using Dekho Roles

Using LDAP Roles