Search Flow Map Service

A Map Service Search Flow sources data for its results from a layer in an ArcGIS Server Map Service. This type of search is the most efficient way to search for features when the attribute information is stored in the layer. If the information you need to search is stored in a separate non-spatial table, use the JDBC Search Flow Query instead.

To create easy to use search inputs for users, create a Type-ahead or Combobox Query and augment with a Search Flow Query.

Start configuring a Search Flow Query, by firstly following these instructions on how to create a query.

Step 01> Choose the Map Service Layer to use for displaying the query results.

Step 02> Select The search layer. This will use the Search map layer selected in the first step to drive user inputs.

Step 03> Then apply User Input Types to dictate how the query target joins to the display layer and how the user will interact with the query.

Step 04> Click Save.

See here to see how to make the Query available to users.

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