Search Flow Related Table

A Data Connection Search Flow Query sources data for its search results from a Data Connection. This type of Search Flow Query should be used when searching non-spatial tables that have relationships with one of the layers in your map. If you plan to search an ArcSDE geodatabase table, it is more efficient to use a Map Service Search Flow Query.

To proceed with this type of search, at least one data connection must be configured in the Data Sources form.

Start configuring a Search Flow Query, by firstly following these instructions on how to create a query.

Step 01> Choose the Map Service Layer to use for displaying the query results.

Step 02> Select the option for A Table related to the search layer. This will prompt for the target query field to link the display map layer field.

Step 03> Add the linking fields join statement.

Step 04> Then apply User Input Types to dictate how the query target joins to the display layer and how the user will interact with the query.

Step 05> Click Save.

See here to see how to make the Query available to users.

Search Flow Spatially Related Query