Search Flow – Web Service related to a layer with a spatial relate

A Web Service based Search flow Query sources data for its results from an external SOAP Web Service. These Web Services can be implemented in many languages and can return various types of data, provided the web services return XML that follows Dekho’s format. The web service returns a set of results that can be joined to a map service. That map service can then be used to select features from another map service.

Start configuring a Web Service related spatial Search Flow Query, by firstly following these instructions on how to create a query.

Step 01> Choose the Map Service Layer to use for displaying the query results like in the previous workflows.

Specify the Map Service layer that will be used to spatial query the search layer.

Then specify the Web Service and define the field to use to link to the map layer that will be used to query the search layer.


The WSDL URL field defines where the web service resides. More specifically, it points to the WSDL (Web Service Description Language definition) for that web service which defines the web service capability. A typical Web Service WSDL URL is of the form:


Step 02> Enter the WSDL URL. It will start validating immediately

Step 03> Select the Web Method from the drop-down list.

Familiarity with how the specific Web Service being used will be required when determining which method name to use here. Web Service specifics are beyond the scope of this document.

Step 04> Add the Web Method Result field

Step 05> Specify the fields to use how it will link with the search. Then use the hyperlink to add the syntax to the Linking Fields box.

Step 06> Then apply User Input Types to dictate how the query target joins to the display layer and how the user will interact with the query.

Step 07> Click Save.

See here to see how to make the Query available to users.




PLEASE NOTE: The web services used in the Web Service Queries must be coded to accept XML in the Dekho format.




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