Select by selection

Select by Selection defines a new selection in a new layer based on the current selection. This includes features that intersect, are bounded by, cross, and are contained in current selection or a buffered area.

Step 01> Start by creating a new selection using either the Selection Panel or Search Panel.

PLEASE NOTE: in this case, a single Flood Zone polygon is selected which will be used to select House's that fall within the flood zone.

Step 02> When at least one feature is selected, click the Select by Selection button on the Selection Panel.

An option is available to choose the layer, if features from multiple layers are selected.

Step 03> From the Select features in drop-down list, choose the layer that features will be selected from

Step 04> Insert a spatial operator into the That drop-down list.

See here for more details on how spatial operators work.

Step 05> Then choose the layer containing the selection from The selected features in drop-down list.

Step 06> Type an integer into the With buffer distance of field. This is optional and will buffer the selected features and use the buffer to make the new selection.

Step 07> Click OK to start the selection process.

Step 08> The new selection is made.

The example shows Address No's that are contained by the selected Flood Zone polygon.


See the selection mode section to find out how to manipulate the current selection.


To find out how to export or zoom to the Selected features, see the section on Results Panel Toolbar.


Spatial Operator


Intersect with

Returns a feature if any spatial relationship is found, such as ‘overlaps’, ‘crosses’, ‘contains’ etc.


Returns a feature if the intersection of the two shapes results in an object of the same dimension, but different from both of the shapes.


Returns a feature if the intersection of the interiors of the two shapes is not empty and has a lower dimension than the maximum dimension of the two shapes.

Are contained by

Returns a feature if its shape wholly contains the search geometry.


Returns a feature if its shape is wholly contained within the search geometry.


Clear Selection Results

To Clear the Selection results;

§ Just Click the button on the Selection Summary.



§ Right Click on the Map and select Clear Selection.


OR alternatively Selection results are cleared by;

§ Making a new Selection,

§ Running a Search,

§ Collapsing the Results Panel,

Repeating the Selection steps to highlight and display new identified features.



To find out how to export or zoom to the Selected features, see the section on Results Panel Toolbar


Identify Tool