Selection Panel

Selecting layer features in the Dekho map client is controlled by the Selection Panel. Traditional GIS options for selecting features are available, in addition to settings that are specific to Dekho.

 The Administrator can switch on Display drawing tips to allow new users to feel at home with drawing features in Dekho.

Specify a Default buffer distance (in metres) when buffering features. Set the ‘drawing’ symbology for points, lines and polygons. The symbology styles are only used when a selection is being made.

Use the circle text settings to change how the measurement text is dynamic displayed during the selection.

The administrator has control over the icons and tooltips for the ways in which selections can be made, for example, select by point or by freehand polygon. There are 13 ways to select features in the map client.




PLEASE NOTE: the Selection Panel symbology affects the style of the symbology when the user is making the selection. Importantly, at the Dekho Map level, the Administrator has finer control of the selected feature symbology.




Redlines/Measure Panel