Server Catalog

This section explains how to add and configure Map Servers in the Server Catalog form. Server security is also set in the Server Catalog form.

When a Server Connection is saved, Dekho adds all the Server details including services and service layers, in addition to other information stored at the REST endpoint into Dekho’s Configuration Database. This means each time a new service is added or an existing service is modified, the Server Catalog Server Connection should be ‘resaved’ to update the Configuration Database.

Using the configuration database to store service and layer details allows queries to be configured with limited latency. When a query is executed from the Map Client, the query uses the Server and not the Configuration Database to return a result.

At least one server connection must be added to the Catalog to allow the administrator to add map services to Dekho Templates.

To see the catalog of services, click Server Catalog in the left Settings pane.

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