Setting up the Dekho Configuration .mxd

When setting up the Configuration MXD for a Dekho running via reverse proxy, connections to ArcGIS Server map services (dynamic, tiled and image) must be made via the proxy server. This is because the URLs specified in the Configuration MXD are used directly by the GUI, so these must be via the proxy server. The redirections configured in the proxy server for /ArcGIS/services and /ArcGIS/rest/services allow these to be passed to the ArcGIS Server. The redirection configured for /arcgisoutput allows map images to be returned from ArcGIS Server.

Make a connection in ArcCatalog to the proxy server (once you have completed setup for Apache HTTPD or Microsoft ISA), then add data in your Configuration MXD from that GIS Server.

Configuring Apache HTTPD for Reverse Proxy