sqlplus command line interface

Use this method as an alternative to using Oracle SQL Developer to upgrade the database.

Step 01> Edit the database name if necessary, Open the oracleupgradex.x.xtox.x.x+1.sql script and change the name of the Dekho Database by editing the first line:

Alter session set current schema = dekho;

Step 02> Click Start and Type Run then Type 'cmd' and Click Open.

Step 03> Change Directory to where the upgrade script is located oracleupgradex.x.xtox.x.x+1.sql.

Step 04> Enter the command sqlplus

Step 05> Then login as a DBA and run the script with the command:


Step 06> Check the message output. If errors are noted goto Upgrade Script Troubleshooting.


The Dekho Configuration Database will be updated to the new version.


Ready to Deploy DEKHO .war files

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