SQL Server Configuration Database Upgrade

Step 01> Copy the following scripts into a folder on the machine where Dekho configuration database is:


Step 02> Open the SQLServerPreBookmark4.0.sql and sqlserverupgrade3.2.2to4.0.sql files in a text editor and change the following to use your dekho configuration database:

USE [dekho]

So if your database name is dekhoconfig, change the above dekho to dekhoconfig.


Step 03> Double Click the upgrade3.2.3to4.0.bat file. This will open a command line window. 









Step 04> Enter your path to the connection properties file.

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\Dekho_connection.properties

Step 05> Enter 1 for SQL Server

Step 06> For Windows Authentication, just hit enter. For SQL Server Authentication, specify the relevant credentials.



Step 07> EnterY’ to confirm upgrade.


Step 08> Enter the same database name you provided in step 2.

In this example, the dekho database is called MyDekho.



Step 09> A log is created. Check this for any problems.


Ready to Deploy DASM, DEKHO and solr .war files












Alternatively, if you run into any problems running through the batch file, you can run the scripts directly in SQL Server Management Studio in the following sequence:

Step 01> Copy and Edit the scripts as stepped out in the prior Steps 1&2.

Step 02> Open SQL Server Management Studio.

Step 03> Load and Execute SQLServerPreBookmark4.0.sql


Step 04> Run the UpdateBookmarks40.jar utility from the command line.

Step 05> On command line, change directory to the path where the jar file is located.

Step 06> Enter following command, replacing the location of the connection properties file with yours, and hit enter:

java –jar UpdateBookmarks40.jar "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\Dekho_connection.properties"


Step 07> Load and Execute sqlserverupgrade3.2.3to4.0.sql






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