SQL Server Report Template - Create Blank

Step 01> Open SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 2.0 and Type a <Report Title> (for example; 'My New Report')

Step 02> Click 'Text Box' and Click in the body of the report, Type a <test text> in the new textbox.


This creates the blank report template.

Step 03> Save this new report to you Report Server or local machine.

Report templates are accessible to Dekho only if they reside on SQL Server 2008 Report Server.


Step 04> Right-Click Parameters, then Click Add Parameter.

Dekho passes a User 'Session ID', each Report will retrieve maps and selected feature attributes for the user by using the 'Session ID'.

Step 05> In the Report Parameter Properties Select General, Enter the Name ‘sessionid’ and Prompt ‘sessionid’.

Step 06> Data Type is ‘Text’ and Select parameter visibility is ‘Visible’.

Step 07> Available Values Tab is 'None'.

Step 08> On the Default Values Tab, leave as ‘No default value’.

Step 09> On the Default Values Tab and leave as ‘Automatically determine when to refresh’.

Step 10> Click OK and Save the Report to the Server.


The report will now appear

Test report

Verify the new report is accessible in the Map Client.

Step 01> In the Map Client, Select the Map in the Map Panel then Click Generate Report in the toolbar. A reports window is opened.

Step 02> Select the Report and Click on the Generate button.

Step 03> When the report has been created, you will be prompted to Save or Open the report.

Step 04> View the report by opening it with relevant application (pdf, word etc.).

SQL Server Report Template - Insert Map