Standard Settings

Most Panel settings allow editing of the standard features for the Icon, Tooltip and Description. But the Coordinates, Navigation and Toolbar Panel items allow only for the Description to be edited.

Each Panel has some standard settings: Icon, Tooltip and a Description, the name is not editable and unlike Tools new panel items are not customisable. Panels for Maps and Legend contain only the Standard Panel Settings. To edit the standard settings, follow these instructions.


Step 01> Click a Panel to Edit.

Step 02> In the Panel Display Settings form, Add a Tooltip to allow users to mouse over and see what the panel is about.

Step 03> Enter a Description.

Step 04> Open the Icon placeholder and select an icon from the icon panel. The Icon is stored on the Application Server. Example image path;





New Panel items may not be added, existing panels may not be deleted. Only Editing of some elements of existing Panel items is possible




The remainder of the Panels section is dedicated to unique settings that can be applied to each Panels item.

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