Standard User Inputs Settings

Provides a text field for free text entry.

The Label appears on the Map Client Search Panel.

Input Format mask for the user input.

Default Value to be displayed to the user.

Required if checked, forces the user to insert a value before Dekho will run the query.

Check Ignore to allow the parameters in this condition to be left empty. The query condition will be left out of the overall SQL WHERE clause. If this option is not ticked, and the user leaves one of the parameters empty, Dekho will only return records where that field is empty in the database. Use this when you are creating an ‘street address’ search. If you ignore the house number search condition when it is left blank by the user, Dekho will select all properties on the street.

The next part of the Input Entry is specifying how the layer to be queried is linked to the layer that is displayed in the map.

Edit the Conditional Statement to use a custom statement, otherwise just leave the default Conditional Statement.

The comparator to use to compare the database field to the user input parameter. Important: for user input fields that have a wildcard defined, you must use the 'LIKE' comparator.

Other custom statements might look like;

datecreated BETWEEN 'start date' AND 'end date'

Or add static conditions, like;

status != 5

Text Box Entry