Queries are categorised into three different responses. Each category is explained in this section as well as a series of standard workflows for configuring each query.

oneSearch Queries return records from a map service layer matching a single text box search.

Search Flow Query Types

Search Flow Queries search for records by user entered parameters and select features from a layer.

ComboBox Queries: are used in Search Flow queries and return a selectable dropdown list of values.

Type Ahead Queries are used in Search Flow queries to return a list of values to populate a type-ahead text box.

Results Query Types

Feature Information Queries (FIQ) are used to configure the way in which the Results Panel displays and format Selected or Identified features. A Callout Query is also derived from a FIQ. Callouts are used when a map “popup” (callout) is required to display information about a feature instead of the Results Panel. Callout Queries are invoked using the Redline Panel.

Layer Information Queries (LIQ) instructs the Results Panel what to display once the user has made a selection either by way of a map selection or query that has selected features from the map.

Feature Info Queries and Layer Info Queries also enable the display of different data types. Supported Display Types include:

§ Table: Presents data to the user as a table.

§ Image List: Presents data to the user as a list of images.

§ URL List: Presents data to the user as a list of clickable hyperlinks.


All Queries built by Dekho are supported by :

§ JDBC: Relational Databases

§ Map Services: ArcGIS Server Map Service

§ Web Services: Web Services provided by a third party

§ Spatial: A spatial data source is a layer within a map which can be spatially queried.


Creating a Query

Basic Query Attributes

Using WildCards

Using the Where Clause Builder

Saving a Query – What Next?