The Dekho Map concept

The Dekho Map concept refers to the ability to take mapping content, apply some interactive capabilities and workflows and then grant Web Mapping application access to users in an organised and seamless way.

Configuring the Dekho Map concept itself has not changed markedly, however the approach to constructing the map content and map behaviours has evolved with changes and adoption of new technology. A Configuration MXD was the key ingredient for defining map content and map behaviour, but is no longer a requirement. The Dekho Template takes over the role of the Configuration MXD and in many ways this is the biggest change in the concept of the Dekho Map. The query capability, tools and panels, along with user roles are all configured once the Dekho Template is created. So, Dekho Maps still very much rely on the ArcGIS Platform to deliver mapping content and provide interactive functionality to users with the configuration settings stored the Configuration Database.

Maps for the Organisation

What is a Dekho Template?

What is a Query?