Type-ahead Entry

Type-ahead text require the definition of an additional query to populate.

See here for Standard Text field inputs.

Select the type-ahead from the Values Typeahead drop down e.g. WorldCity Type-ahead.

Use filter by to filter the list by another field, for example, if you are defining a search that finds a road, you may have two input fields called ‘Suburb' and 'Road Name'. When the user selects a value for ‘Suburb', you want the options available in 'Road Name' to be only the roads that are in the selected 'Suburb'. In this case you would filter the ‘Road Name’ parameter by the ‘Suburb parameter’.  Also importantly when you define the list data for 'Road 2', you will need to include a parameter in the select statement.

Then finally edit the Conditional Statement to use a custom statement to join the map service to the search query target, otherwise just leave the default Conditional Statement.

Date Entry