Upgrade your Dekho 2.x Configuration Database

At Dekho v3.0, map documents are configured differently; it is this difference in configuration that facilitates some of the new capability at Dekho v3.0, such as multiple map services per Dekho map. As such, your existing maps need to be migrated to the new method of configuration. As part of this migration process, existing maps are removed from Dekho, whilst maintaining all of the other configured capabilities, such as reports, role, queries etc. To capture what existing capabilities are aligned to each map a SQL Script has been created to report on all of these linkages, this report will be used in a later step to reconnect these linkages once the maps have been migrated to the Dekho v3.0 method of configuration.

Do not discard the two reports output by the roles and capabilities sql scripts, these detail the relationships you will re-establish when recreating your Dekho Maps in Dekho 3.

Depending on your database platform, the database upgrade process will vary. See sections on SQL Server Upgrade or Oracle Upgrade for more details.

SQL Server Upgrade

Oracle Upgrade