Using ArcGIS Server Secured Services with Dekho

There are a number of dependencies, including ArcGIS Server and Web Servers (IIS and Apache Tomcat), when using secure services in Dekho. The following table provides details of errors which may appear and what they mean.

Error Message


Peer Not Authorised

The JVM does not have the correct certificate installed. Ensure that the certificate installed as part of the SSL configuration of ArcGIS Server is installed into the JRE.

Hostnames in the certificates donít match

The hostname registered in the JVM certificate does not match the hostname in the certificate assigned to the ArcGIS Server web server.

Could not load Service

If this error is thrown on the client side then it can be caused for a number of reasons, however common reasons when working with secured services include:

Ensure that the Dekho.url property is set via the security tab of the settings panel. Ensure that a cross domain file is present on the server hosting the secured ArcGIS Server.

Authentication and Authorisation