Web Mapping Applications

Most Web Mapping Applications run in contemporary Web browsers. They primarily display maps with a specific set of predetermined user functionality. Web applications may be designed for once off deployment or for multiple site deployments. Typically, once off deployments will be configured using mostly code and will be difficult to modify in any way without the source code. Enterprise Web Mapping Applications (like Dekho) typically use a database to store Map Client interface configuration settings and may edit those settings using an Administration Client interface. Single deployment Web Mapping Applications may only contain a few very specific non-configurable features, whilst an Enterprise Web Mapping Application will be more flexible and allow a number of different user and workflow scenarios, while still catering for more specialised functionality through customisations.

So for organisation with multidisciplinary teams and work hierarchies, Enterprise Web Mapping Applications, like Dekho, provide the flexibility, advanced security settings and core functionality demanded by enterprise users.

History of Dekho