Welcome to Dekho

Dekho is Esri Australia's web-based enterprise mapping solution.

§ Dekho is a visually compelling Web Map Application

§ Dekho neatly combines disparate enterprise and location data to present beautiful maps,

§ Dekho solves the silo effect faced by many businesses and governments around the globe,

§ Dekho achieves this with an easy to use Internet browser map interface and

§ Dekho is very effective as an Enterprise-wide decision enhancement tool for multidisciplinary organisations

The Dekho Advantage

Dekho deploys in a variety of ways to all levels of government and business:

§ Simplicity – perfect for internet delivery of mapping content imbedded in corporate information portals,

§ Workflow – great for task or workflow specific deployment within an organisation’s intranet or external to citizen and business communities

§ Application – full power of the Dekho client constrained only by user privileges set by administration.-

Dekho also provides significant ongoing benefits to many organisations around Australia by improving underlying workforce efficiency and accuracy of decisions and allowing secure access to relevant and timely spatial data and search results.

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