What’s new in 4.1

Dekho version 4.1 is the next major release of Esri Australia's geographic web application technology.

At version 4.1, Dekho has been reengineered, making the software simpler to use and administer – while at the same time increasing its functionality and performance.

Key enhancements include:

      A newly designed web admin in HTML5/Javascript, which enables the program to run natively in a browser, rather than as a plug-in;

      The ability for administrators to create maps within Dekho – instead of needing to switch between applications – enabling greater productivity;

      A new value-add product called ‘InstaLink’ which connects Dekho with other key business systems including: Pathway, Works & Assets, Property & Rating, Hansen, and Conquest – just to name a few (premium licence only);

      An improved printing function which leverages the core ArcGIS printing capabilities – making it easier for users to print their maps(AOServer has been discontinued);

      A reduced need for user input to minimise configuration errors; and,

      An intuitive workflow-driven user experience, streamlining the way you access information.


Issues Resolved in 4.1