Zoom Slider Scales

Where a Tiled Map Service has been added to a new Template, the scales from the Tiled Service are adopted and displayed in the Zoom Slider Scales form. Scales from the tiled service are not editable, but additional custom scales may be added. Only dynamic map services will display at the custom scales. if it is within the visibility scale range set in the Map Service /Group settings form.

Use the Settings button to Manage the Zoom to Scale.

Check Zoom Slider to activate the Zoom slider. If a tiled map already exists in the Template, scale values will already be displayed and the Zoom Slider check will be locked.

Type an integer into the Scale text box and Click + to the right of the entry box. Repeat to add multiple scales.

If scales are edited prior to adding a tiled map, the tiled map LOD will overwrite the edited scales.

Select the scale value and Click Delete to remove a customer scale value. The scales of cached services may not be deleted or edited.

Click Ok and Update the Template to store the new LODs.

The Zoom Slider appears on the Map Client with scales in the top left.

Final Step is to Click Save (for new, or, Update for existing Templates), to save the settings into the Configuration Database.

The initial map Extent and Layer Order is saved each time the template is Updated. What the Administrator sees is what the Map Client user will see.

For new Templates

For Updating Templates

Give the Template a Name before Saving, the name must be unique.





PLEASE NOTE: The metadata filename stored in the Tomcat metadata folder must match the layer name exactly including the case.



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